Navigation: 1. Meet Optimus Prime 2. Meet Jackson Ellis 3. Meet Robert Hu 4. Meet Greg Singleton

1. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is from the planet Cybertron, leader of the alien race known as the Autobots. Brave and heroic, he is always ready to do what is necessary in order to succeed. His past experience as a leader gives the company an advantage in the business world.

2. Jackson Ellis

Jackson Ellis is a former NBA player. Once a promising point guard for the Phoenix Suns, a terrible leg injury ended his career. Now

in the business world, he is ready to accomplish anything with his hard-working attitude.

3. Robert Hu

Robert Hu is a former NBA center. Known around the league as Hu the Journeyman, Robert has played on multiple NBA teams in 13 seasons Now retired, he is ready to take the next step in business, starting with Uche's Company.

4. Greg Singleton

Greg Singleton is a former assistant coach. Serving as both an assistant coach and official scout of Villanova University, he is prepared

to bring the same determination of brining in customers for Uche's Company, just like brining in kids from high school.

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